A word rife with REBELLION. 
The cry that ignited Mexico's 
impulse to struggle for 

An exclamation of JOY at 
fiestas.  The raised voice 
that celebrates Mexicans'
passion for life.

ˇGrito! utters both.


Summer-Fall 2005: Poems in The Grove Review, Crab Orchard Review and Minotaur. Fiction in The Wandering Hermit Review.

April 2006: Directing one-man show in Portland, Oregon based on Rob Freedman's personal narrative about Hepatitis C.


Duality inspires my work. I write to explore the connections among
the disparate — to experience opposing ideas, emotions, people, places,
even languages in close proximity.

This desire to bridge polarity stems from my ongoing struggle to integrate contrasting cultural values. I see this bicultural struggle as a metaphor for the larger human struggle with contradiction, the inevitable tug of war that free will requires of humans.

In my poems, I inhabit a range of personae to give voice to both the unspoken and the unspeakable. My goal is to create poems that wrestle with wholeness, poems that depict in equal measure the beauty and frailty of the human condition.